Thursday, 28 April 2011

World Snooker Championship 2011 - Day 12 - QFs in conclusion

27.4.2011 Day 12

Morning Session

QF2 - Mark Selby v Ding Junhui 

Selby did not perform well yesterday, making some errors in safety and scoring, Ding leads 5-3. They have a re-rack in the first frame of the session. Ding grabbed a chance to pot a beautiful long red. Mark Selby paid a cost for missing the double. Ding Junhui extends to lead 6-3 with 121. Mark Selby pulls one back and trails two frames behind Ding. Ding Junhui leads 7-4 with a break of 87. Selby is lost during the match, keeps making mistakes. Selby pulls one back and Ding keeps 7-5 ahead before mid session. Mark Selby is disappointed to lose the 13th frame but feels lucky to win the 14th. Ding still leads 8-6. Ding takes his tenth frame by one visit, 76 to go 9-6. 16th frame is another long frame, Ding eventually takes it. Ding Junhui ends the four-hour second session with 10-6 lead.

QF3 - Mark Williams v Mark Allen    

Too easy for Williams :-)
Mark Williams leads Allen 11-5 before last session kicks off. Allen does not catch the chance to pull one back. It turns out to be a frame for Williams, he extends his lead to 12-5 with 61. Williams is only one frame from victory. Several mistakes from both players in the 18th frame but Williams clears up to win! Mark Williams sets a early finish for the match, he beats Mark Allen 13-5. He is now a semi-finalist for the first time in 8 years! Congrats!

Result: Mark Williams 13-5 Mark Allen

Afternoon Session

QF1 - Judd Trump v Graeme Dott       

What a month for Juddy!

Here comes the last session of their match. Dott won back  some frames but Trump still leads 11-5.

Trump wins the opening frame of the last session, 12-5. Judd Trump wins the match 13-5, a convicing win for Trump. He is now a semi-finalist of WC! Congrats!

Result: Judd Trump 13-5 Graeme Dott

QF4 - Ronnie O'Sullivan v John Higgins   

The two snooker biggest stars stuck at 4-4 before second session starts. Ronnie leads for the first time in the match after winning the first frame of the session. Ronnie takes the following frame with 82, he is looking very sharp :-) Ronnie takes five in a row to lead 7-4. John Higgins pulls one back before mid session. Ronnie takes the first frame after mid session, 8-5. Higgins steals the 15th frame from Ronnie, he is only one frame behind Ronnie. Ronnie has a very good chance to lead four frames but at the end he levels the match. The match stops at 8-8.

Evening Session

QF2 - Mark Selby v Ding Junhui 

Can he move one step further?
Ding has a great lead 10-6 after second session. However, Selby is so strong to pull four back before mid session. Selby hits breaks of 55, 66, 89, 92. Ding is under pressure to be level 10-10. Ding does not give up and win the match 13-10. In the 23th frame, both players suddenly quit and left referee Brendan there, it is very funny ;-) Congrats Ding Junhui reaches semi-final of WC, he levels the record of best result of Asian players on WC (Marco Eu, James Wattana) to reach the semi-final. Can Ding go on to win the World Champion? We'll see. :-)

Result: Ding Junhui 13-10 Mark Selby

QF4 - Ronnie O'Sullivan v John Higgins   

I am sad for Ronnie :'-(
It must be a mistake for Ronnie fail to extends his lead before second session.
Higgins takes the opening frame of the session before Ronnie levels 9-9 with a break of 116. Higgins leads Ronnie 11-9 with 63, 65 before mid session begins. Higgins takes the very important frame to lead 12-9, he is only one frame away from victory. Ronnie pulls one back with 94 before Higgins makes 79 to end the match. John Higgins wins 13-10 over Ronnie O'Sullivan to head semi-final. He faces Mark Williams in semi-final

Result: Ronnie O'Sullivan 10-13 John Higgins

Match Schedule for Day 13, Thursday April 28

SF1 - Judd Trump v Ding Junhui

SF2 - Mark Williams v John Higgins

Start from tomorrow, there is only one table in the Crucible and no morning sessopn :-) See you!

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