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World Snooker Championship 2011 - Day 9 - Selby sets a new record in the Crucible

24.4.2011 Day 9
Happy Easter! We have a nice Sunday ;-)

Morning Session

Match 19 - Ding Junhui v Stuart Bingham

Bingham steals the first frame from Ding. Ding makes some good snooker but Bingham escape very well. Bingham leads 3-1 before the interval. Ding pulls another back after mid interval, but Ballrun still leads 3-2. Bingham extends his lead to two frames difference again before Ding wins his last frame in the session. Stuart Bingham leads Ding Junhui 5-3 after the first session. Performance of Ding today is not brilliant, he needs some hard work in the next session.

Match 24 - John Higgins v Rory McLeod

The Wizard of Wishaw needs some magic to speed up the match
McLeod has a brilliant start for winning the first two frames but he loses all five afterwards. The session is shorten due to the slow action of their match. Higgins is not stunning today, but he plays much better after the mid session. I wish Higgins can do better tonight. John Higgins leads McLeod 5-2 after the first session.

Afternoon session

Match 20 - Mark Selby v Stephen Hendry

Last Crucible appearance for Hendry?
Selby leads Hendry 7-1 after the first session, he hits several big breaks. Selby starts off the session with 100, extends his lead to 8-1.Hendry pulls one back before Selby knocks a 127. Awesome Selby leads Hendry 10-2 with 87 before mid session. Hendry wins his third frame in the match with 75. Selby hits his sixth century in the 
match 117 to lead 11-4.
In the last frame of the session, Selby takes this big frame when four snooker is required. It is an incredible frame for Selby. He now only needs one more frame for victory tomorrow. Selby also created a new record in the Crucible for knocking six centuires in a single match. Class act and outstanding performance from Selby today! ;-)

Match 23 - Shaun Murphy v Ronnie O'Sullivan

Murphy is ready for his fight back
Both players do not play very well yesterday but Ronnie still leads 6-2. Murphy wins the first frame of the session, trials 3-6. When Ronnie requires two snookers to win back the frame, Ronnie do comes back and it is very impressive. Usually Ronnie will concede the frame if it needs one/two snooker. Murphy wins two in a row, reduce the gap to 4-6.

Ronnie found himself lucky to win the frame by a wrong judegement on safty, he gets back a 7-4 lead over Murphy. Murphy trials 5-7 behind Ronnie before mid-session. Ronnie extends his lead to 9-5 with 95, 59. Murphy wins the last two to be 7-9 behind after the second session. Ronnie struggules today, especially with his long pots... He is lucky to secure a lead over Murphy after this session. Tight session we will have tomorrow!

Evening Session

Match 19 - Ding Junhui v Stuart Bingham
Can Ding reach QF this year?
Ding does not satisfy with his performance in the morning,  of course he wants a fightback in this session. Ding wins the opening frame before Bingham takes three in a row. Bingham is 8-4 up on Ding with 56 and 87 before mid session. After mid session, Ding starts to fight back to take three frames with 93, 75, 91 while Bingham only gets one. Stuart Bingham still keeps two frames advanatge over Ding Junhui after second session, leading 9-7.

Can Ding break his best result in the Crucible, reaching QF this year? We'll see tomorrow :-)

Match 24 - John Higgins v Rory McLeod

John Higgins leads McLeod 5-2 before it starts, they only played seven frames in the last session. McLeod  has a good start, taking the first two frames in the session which lasts 40 and 41 minutes respectively. Higgins only leads McLeod 6-5 before mid session. Their match really takes (grinds) so long, somebody on Twitter gives Rory some interesting nicknames: 'Rory McCrawl', 'Snory McLeod' Haha ;-) Towards the end, Higgins wins all four frames after mid session, 10-5 goes to John Higgins. They may play 10 frames in the last session tomorrow, I wish they will not grind for a day, fans will ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.... ;-)

Match Arrangements for Day 10, Monday April 25

All the matches will be finished by the end of today :-) Remember we have no morning session today, fans need not to wake up so early today!

No morning session :-)

Match 20 - Stephen Hendry v Mark Selby   (Last Session, Selby leads 12-4)
Match 24 - Rory McLeod v John Higgins      (Last Session, Higgins leads 10-5)

Match 19 - Ding Junhui v Stuart Bingham          (Last Session, Bingham leads 9-7)
Match 23 - Shaun Murphy v Ronnie O'Sullivan  (Last Session, O'Sullivan leads 9-7)

Scores are continously updated in Drawsheet...


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