Wednesday, 20 April 2011

World Snooker Championship 2011 - Day 4 Victory Of The Rocket

Day 4 - 19.4.2011

Morning Session

Match 2 - Marco Fu v Martin Gould

Confident Marco Fu

It is a rematch of last year Round 1 clash. Fu leads 3-1 at the beginning with 79, 97, 81 to enter mid-interval. However his performance goes down after the fifth frame, Gould comes back to 3-4 down. Fu hits a 115, the first century in the match. He goes on to win final frame in the session, leads 6-3 at the end. Fu plays quite well and confidently in overall. He plays in a way much different from last year.

Match 15 - Ricky Walden v Rory Mcleod

It is a slow match. Only eight frames is played in the first session because each frame is lengthy. They go all square 4-4. Mcleod has a break of 85 while Walden has three half centuries, 51, 61, 69.

Afternoon Session

Match 16 - Ronnie O'Sullivan v Dominic Dale

O'Sullivan widely leads 7-2 before the second session starts. The Rocket continue his good performance from yesterday. Ronnie starts with 115 in the opening frame of the session, follows with 96 to extend his lead to 9-2. In the last frame, Ronnie makes third centuries in the match, 100 to end the match.  Ronnie looks relaxed and enjoys the match. A 10-2 victory is good for Ronnie to build up his confidence. It is his first victory in ranking event since December 2010. Ronnie faces Magician Shaun Murphy in the next rough, it will be an exciting match for fans! :-)

Result: Ronnie O'Sullivan 10-2 Dominic Dale

Match 3 - Graeme Dott v Mark King

Dott does not have a very good start at the beginning of the match. He leads King 2-0 but King levels to enter the mid-interval. After the mid-interval, Dott finds his way to win. He takes four frames in a row, leads King 6-2 with 69, 58, 73 and a century 102.  Mark King reduces the gap to 3-6 in the last frame of the session.

Evening Session 

Match 6 - Peter Ebdon v Stuart Bingham

Bingham leads Ebdon 5-4 before second session plays. Ebdon leads Bingham 8-6 impressively from 4-5 down. Bingham starts to play solid afterwards. Bingham takes four frames in a row, winning the match 10-8 over Ebdon. Ballrun Stuart meets Chinese Dragon Ding Junhui to complete for a seat in quarter-final.

Result: Peter Ebdon 8-10 Stuart Bingham

Match 11 - Mark Allen v Matthew Stevens

A very close match between the two

It is a very close match between the two players. Both of them knock some good breaks, Allen knock 86, 91, 96 while Stevens make 52, 54. Welshman Stevens leads pistol Allen 5-4 at the end of first session.


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