Sunday, 17 April 2011

World Snooker Championship 2011 - Day 2 (Part 1) Cope & Murphy enter Last 16

Morning Session

World Championship continues today. It continues with wide scorelines for some matches...

Match 10 - Jamie Cope v Andew Pagett (Second Session)

Jornuey ended for Pagett :-(
Cope leads Pagett 5-4 before the second session begins. Cope once leads Pagett 7-5. In the thirteenth frame, Pagett is forced to respot the black. It is the key frame of the match, Cope finally pots in the black and go 8-5 to enter the mid-interval. After mid-interval, Cope extends his lead to 9-5, he is only one frame away from last 16 spot. However, Pagett pulls two frames back to 9-7. In the final frame, it is a very close frame. Cope needs both pink and black to win but Pagett only needs the pink. Cope pots the two balls and handshake with Andrew Pagett. Losing 7-10 is not very bad for a Crucible debutant. Wish Pagett can qualified for more TV matches :-)

Result: Jamie Cope 10-7 Andrew Pagett

Match 5 - Ding Junhui v  Jamie Burnett

It is interesting that both players choose Lady Gaga's song as their walk on songs. Ding Junhui leads Jamie Burnett 8-1 after the first session. Ding hits big breaks of 52, 58, 84 along with two centuires 117 and 128. The only frame that Burnett wins is the eighth frame. Burnett has some chances to win more frames but he fails. Ding plays impressively and in control of the match. They will resume to play at 10am tomorrow.

Afternoon Session

Match 13 - Marcus Campbell v Shaun Murphy

In the first frame of the session, break of 62 by Campbell is amazing. Pink and black are in bad positions.  But Campbell made a few ammendments and a tricky fluke helps Campbell to win his first frame in the match. In the eleventh frame, Murphy had a break of 61 but he made a serious mistake when he does safety. Campbell later misses a long red and it is his last potting in the Crucible this year. Murphy beats Campbell by wide scoreline 10-1. His opponent in last 16 will be Ronnie O'Sullivan/Dominic Dale.

Result: Shaun Murphy 10-1 Marcus Campbell

Match 7 - Stephen Hendry v Joe Perry

Things does not start very well for Stephen Hendry. Hendry misses balls when he is very close to the winning line. Joe Perry takes the opening frame after Hendry makes a mistake in safety. There is a re-rack in the third frame, the first re-rack in this year WC :-) The frame before mid-interval is quite close, Perry flukes the brown but it does not help him to win the frame. Hendry makes it all two to enter the mid-interval. Nice stuff from Hendry after the interval, he hits a 133 to lead 3-2. Stephen Hendry wins three frames in a row. He leads Joe Perry 6-3 by the end of the first session.

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