Monday, 30 January 2012

Snooker Shoot-Out 2012 Day 3 - Barry Hawkins Crowned in Blackpool

Shoot-Out Day 3: Barry Hawkins crowned in Blackpool after beating Graeme Dott in the final 61-23.

Barry Hawkins won Shoot-Out 2012
The 32-year-old from Dartfold defeated Ding Junhui, Fergal O'Brien, Stephen Maguire, Mark Davis and Dave Harold en route to meet Graeme Dott in the final. In the final, Hawkins was first in with 46 before missing a red to let Dott in. However, the 2006 World Champion just made 8 with the chance which allowed Hawkins to score again. Hawkins beaten Dott by 61-23 to win his first title in his 16-year professional career.

Hawkins and Dott in the final
"It's a brilliant feeling, definitely the best moment of my career so far, I've played in big matches at the Crucible, but to win a tournament live on television is amazing. It's a shame there were no ranking points but I'm still delighted." Hawkins will collect 32000 pounds for the top prize, "The money is amazing, especially as I'm getting married in June (to Tara) in Dartford. This will pay for the whole thing and we'll be able to have a great day."

Total clearance of 135 in the last 16 helped Martin Gould to win the highest break prize of 2000 pounds, replacing 122 made by Stephen Lee yesterday. 

Barry Pinches
Barry Pinches made an incredible comeback in the last 16 against Liang Wenbo - He was 1-41 down with about three minutes left and he trailed 37-41 when about 30 seconds left. Liang perhaps should play a safety but he went for the double, leaving a loose red over the top right pocket. Hawkins potted the red and then the blue in the last second to beat Liang 43-41. Unfortunately, his amazing run was stopped by Tom Ford in the quarter-finals who made a break of 82.

Snooker Shoot-Out Day 3 Results

Last 16
Dave Harold bt Ryan Day
Graeme Dott bt Rob Milkins
Barry Hawkins bt Stephen Maguire
Dominic Dale bt Stephen Lee
Martin Gould bt Jamie Jones
Tom Ford bt Gerard Greene
Barry Pinches bt Liang Wenbo
Mark Davis bt Mark Allen

Graeme Dott bt Dominic Dale
Barry Hawkins bt Mark Davis
Dave Harold bt Martin Gould
Tom Ford bt Barry Pinches

Barry Hawkins bt Dave Harold
Graeme Dott bt Tom Ford

Barry Hawkins bt Graeme Dott 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Snooker Shoot-Out 2012 Day 2 - Stephen Lee made First century of the tournament

Shoot-Out Day 2: Stephen Lee moved on to the last 16 with a ton 121 in his round 2 match against Ricky Walden. 

Stephen Lee
It is never easy to make a century with shot clock in a frame just lasts 10 minutes but Stephen Lee did it today. It would be a total clearance but but went in-off the last pink. This 121 was also the first century of the event this year and replacing his opponent Walden's 92 made in the first round to become the highest break of the event so far. 

The only Chinese that survived in the last 16 is Liang Wenbo, who defeated Matthew Stevens with a break of 53 and Andrew Higginson in the first round. Alfie Burden came through from 0-45 down to beat Ben Woollaston by 52-45 before Stephen Maguire sent him home in the last 32. 

Stephen Hendry
Mark Williams should be happy about Stephen Hendry's defeat today. After Williams's defeat to Barry Hawkins in last 32 he has pledged to get 'I love Hendry' tattooed on his backside if Hendry wins the tournament. Unfortunately Hendry was out that night beaten by Jack Lisowski 79-29.

Here is the Last 16 Draw of Shoot-Out:

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Snooker Shoot-Out 2012 Day 1 - Defending Champion Bond Is Sent Home

Snooker Shoot-Out Day 1: The Defending Champion Nigel Bond lost in a repeat of final against Robert Milkins in the first round. (LIVE STREAMING/LIVE SCORES)

Robert Milkins
Bond beaten Milkins in the final by scoreline of 58-24 but lost today by 15-30 within ten minutes. Milkins was the first man into the last 32 followed by World Number 2 Mark Williams, whose opponent was Steve Davis that has not scored a point as Williams made a break of 66, eventually winning 72-0. The next two matches to be played were among Scottish, both Stephen Maguire and Graeme Dott came from behind to beat Anthony McGill and Alan McManus respectively. Bingham also came through to beat China's Liu Song with a break of 66.

Higgins beaten Trump to advance to the next round
Up next was the match of first round, John Higgins versus Judd Trump a repeat of World Final last year. Trump was favoured to win the match, leading 16-0 before missing the black off its spot to hand over a chance to Higgins. Runs of 33, 14 and 15 put Higgins to win 62-16.Gerard Greene was nearly edged out of the competition by Jamie Burnett but won by 9 points, 36-27. Ken Doherty defeated Michael Holt by 58-6 while Matthew Stevens sent Ali Carter home by 60-22.

Mark Selby
Tom Ford won a close match against Jimmy Robertson, 50-44. World Number 1 Mark Selby eased off Joe Perry by 104-1 while Rory McLeod, the winner of Magic Moment of the Year fluking the black to beat Tony Drago here would not have a chance to demonstrate it again. He was beaten by Mark Allen by 46-19. Martin Gould won against Peter Ebdon by 62-46 though Ebdon dominated with 44-8 in the first 5 minutes. Anthony Hamilton sent crowd's favourite Jimmy White with 66 and he nearly missed out the match, as he got stopped by the police while driving up the M1 and his car is now in a compound.

Mark Davis had a comfortable win against Mark Joyce by 78-16. Stephen Lee was the last man today to through to the last 32 after beating Peter Lines by 60-37.

Snooker Shoot-Out Day 2 Schedule, 28 January 2012:

12pm Tony Drago vs. Andy Hicks
12.15pm Ding Junhui vs. Barry Hawkins
12.30pm Ben Woollaston vs. Alfie Burden
12.45pm Neil Robertson vs. Jamie Cope Neil Robertson has pulled out due to illness, Ian McCulloch for replacement 1pm Ricky Walden vs. Liu Chuang
1.15pm Andrew Higginson vs. Liang Wenbo
1.30pm Shaun Murphy vs. Fergal O'Brien
1.45pm Marcus Campbell vs. Xiao Guodong

            Ian McCulloch v Jamie Cope
2pm Mark King vs. Dominic Dale
2.15pm Marco Fu vs. Barry Pinches
2.30pm Dave Harold vs. James Wattana
2.45pm Matthew Selt vs. Rod Lawler
3pm Mike Dunn vs. Michael White
3.15pm Stephen Hendry vs. Jack Lisowski
3.30pm Jamie Jones vs. Adrian Gunnell
3.45pm Ryan Day vs. Joe Swail

Last 32: Random Draw starting from 6pm

Monday, 23 January 2012

BGC Masters 2012 Day 8 - Robertson Is The Masters Champion

BGC Masters Day 8: Neil Robertson defeated Shaun Murphy by 10-6 in the final to claim his first Masters title at Ally Pally.

Robertson is The Masters Champion
Both finalists each have won World Championship once whilst Shaun Murphy was a UK Champion as well. He aimed for winning the Masters title to accomplish the goal of being the first player born in 1980s to win the three major tournaments (World, UK and Masters). However, his opponent Neil Robertson from Australia holds a proud record of being undefeated in the finals that he has reached. Neither of them has reached the final of Masters before, we will have a new winner again this year.

Robertson took the scrappy first frame of the first session before Murphy took the lead with breaks of 102 and 65. Robertson responded with a 103 to draw level 2-2 at the mid interval. The following two frames were shared but The Aussie dominated the last two frames to end the session with 72 and 60. Robertson led Murphy by 5-3 before the match resumes. 

Neil Robertson And Shaun Murphy
The Magician grabbed the opening frame at the night session but Thunder From Down Under retained two-cushion advantage with 101 in frame 10. Close frames were not favourable for Murphy, Robertson took the important frame 11 as well as the coming frame 12 with 72 to walk away from Murphy. Robertson was leading by 8-4, only two frames away from winning the Masters title.

Murphy was not in form at the session which left Robertson a decent chance to reach the match point, 9-4 with 76. The Magician had the pressure off his shoulder and it brought out his solid  snooker. 52 and 86 helped him to reduce the gap to three frames and looked like he was going to turn over the match. Unfortunately he left a red over the pocket in the next frame Robertson did not let it slip, making a 70 to end Murphy's comeback. Neil Robertson is the first Australian to win Masters.

Robertson was told in his post match press conference that Murphy had described him as snooker's best all-round player and responded: "I can't really explain how nice it is for someone like Shaun to say something like that because he is very genuine with everything he says. He's a great champion and obviously he was going for a huge piece of history here tonight, not many players have won all three (the World, UK and Masters), but I'm sure he will win here one day and he gave me one hell of a scare.''

Robertson's proud record keeps rewriting by himself, "The run of winning major finals won't last forever. Obviously I'm confident going into finals because I have a great record. I always fancy my chances.'' 

Ally Pally
Murphy was disappointed to lose but pleased by his run to the final. He said: "My real attacking power has come back and it gives me a good chance to build on this going forward for the rest of the season. It's too early to look at the World Championship just yet, we've got a lot of snooker to go between now and Sheffield, but I've been able to play very well in a major championship.''

Sunday, 22 January 2012


BGC Masters Day 8 - NEIL Robertson produced a grandstand finish over Shaun Murphy to capture the Masters 10-6 at Alexandra Palace. (Suzy Jardine - Ally Pally, London)

Neil Robertson is the Masters 2012 Champion!
In a battle of former world champions it was the left handed Robertson who also made history by becoming the first Australian to with the prestigious event.

Robertson and Murphy, who were meeting for the twelfth time in their professional careers had both shown impressive form in reaching the final, Robertson, who had seen off Mark Allen, Mark Williams and Judd Trump was facing a man who had overcome Martin Gould, Mark Selby and John Higgins.

Murphy looked in prime position to take the opening frame as he led 57-29 only to to leave Robertson a chance to counter when he left the final red just off the top cushion to the corner. 

Drilling it in Robertson swung the cue ball all around the angles to land on the brown and cleared up to and including the blue. The pink was just off the side cushion and far from simple. As Neil missed it to the corner so came a safety battle. As they fought for the initiative it was Murphy who was to make the defining mistake as he left a long pink to the corner. Taking it Robertson knocked it in and followed it with the black.

But Murphy was far from downhearted as he rifled in a 65 to level at 1-1 and then went 2-1 up as he capitalised on a safety mistake from Robertson who left a red available to the corner. There was to be no mistake from the Englishman as he compiled a 108. But Robertson was to answer his challenge in emphatic fashion, as he sunk a delicate red to the corner and rolled in a 103 clearance to level at 2-2 at the mid session interval.

Resuming Robertson upped the pressure by taking the fifth frame. He also had chances to lead 4-2, and but for a missed pink to the corner he would surely have done so. Murphy though wasn't going to pass up an inviting looking table and a 53 was enough for him to level at 3-3.

Robertson though defied the odds to make a frame winning 72 with the colours awkwardly placed. The Australian restricted to the pink and the green. And with just one frame left of the afternoon session Robertson was in the position of either having a 5-3 lead or all square at 4-4. 

Shaun Murphy
In a frame that swung like a pendulum it was Murphy who looked likely to capture it before a missed red to the yellow pocket on 46 sent him back to seat. Robertson countered with 60 only to miss the blue to the centre with just the colours left. While Murphy claimed the yellow he was unable to add the green with a delicate shot to its pocket. The issue was finally settled when Robertson forced a mistake from Shaun who left the green to the centre. This time there was to be no reprieve as Neil cleared to the pink to hold a 5-3 lead at the end of the session.

Resuming Murphy ran in a 49 to trim his deficit to just one frame. He should have also levelled when ramming in a long red from baulk for 32. But then a costly error of leaving a red close to the corner pocket signalled his undoing as Robertson clipped it in and dispatched a break of 101 to stretch his lead to 6-4. 

Robertson did the initial damage in frame eleven with a 35, but then a tactical exchange, punctuated by some solo pots and mistakes from both players left the frame in the balance. It was to be settled though when Murphy hit the black in trying to contact a length of the table final red. That red was all that was needed for Robertson who now had a commanding 7-4 advantage.

And Murphy was soon in deeper trouble at 8-4 when Robertson, cueing from the jaws of the corner pocket rolled in a red to the centre and wasted no time in getting the black on its spot. The balls in emminently pottable positions were waiting to be knocked in and Robertson duly obliged with a 76.

Robertson was now unstoppable. A plant red to the corner put him in ideal position and the Aussie was in business, Striding confidently round the table Neil knocked in a 76 to put himself one frame from glory.

To Shaun's credit he dug deep to dominate the thirteenth frame with runs of 33 and 52 and reduce his arrears to 5-9. A courageous blue, taken to the yellow pocket together with the screwback to the reds was enough to propel Shaun to a 86. All of a sudden that six frame deficit had been halved and Robertson's lead was now 9-6.

But any thoughts of Shaun had of sustaining his comeback were swiftly blown away by Robertson just minutes later. Lining up a long straight red from the baulkline he stroked it in and after banging in the blue for 26 smashed into the pack via the pink. To roars from the audience the red parted perfectly and on 56 powered in the black and split the line of reds below the pink. As those reds parted his eyes flicked towards the centre pocket where a red was rolling to. 

To Neil's relief - it stayed out and the Australian soon had 70 break before breaking down on a red with the rest. Shaun needed a snooker and he was not to find it as Robertson finally clinched the title with a long red. The look on Neil's face said it all as he punched the air with both fists. Visibly enjoying the moment Neil proceeded to knock the last few balls of the final before missing.

Robertson and Alexander
Shaun walked towards him with a warm handshake, and then enter stage right Neil's toddler son Alexander who was soon in his father's arms. It had been a great final with exemplary  sportsmanship from both competitors. A certain other trophy in the shape of an urn may belong to England at the moment but this Ashes battle saw the Masters trophy head down under.

BGC Masters 2012 Day 7 - Robertson To Play Murphy in Final

BGC Masters Day 7: Neil Robertson will meet Shaun Murphy, who defeated John Higgins in the Final after beating Judd Trump in the semi-finals.

Neil Robertson
Robertson and Trump played twice last year both on BBC events but unfortunately Robertson lost both matches, World Championship first round and UK Championship semi-finals. The Bristol 22-year-old indeed wanted to win for the third time but Robertson stroke him this time with a 6-3 victory. 

The former World Champion built his advantage early in the match, winning the first two frames before Trump pulled one back. The first game was a safety battle which The Aussie found his way to tighten Trump's attacking way of playing. Robertson made 100 to lead 2-0 but Trump replied a 76. Robertson did not hesitate in the last frame before mid interval, a break of 89 put him 3-1 ahead in the interval.

Frame 5 ended in a dramatic way. The players did not hold their nerve to score well with good chances, Trump looked like he could pull another back to trail 2-3. The crucial moment came - Trump missed the straight forward frame ball blue which left Robertson over the pocket. Robertson cleared up and winning the next to lead 5-1. 

Judd Trump
Thunder from Down Under got a decent chance to wrap up the match but missed on 24 which allowed Trump to take the frame and the next one with 95, reducing the gap to two frames only. Once again first chance is in Trump's hand but he did not hold it, run of 69 from Robertson to win 6-3, putting himself in the final. The Australian punched the air and shouted 'Come on' after potting the match ball.

"I'm over the moon to be in the final. I was at my club last night until 11pm sorting out my tip. I'm really pleased with how the tip bedded in today.'' Robertson had a shout out on Trump's mates, "He had a couple of mates in the crowd, they are probably nice lads. But I didn't really like that they said hello to me before the match and then they were screaming for the white to go in on my shot, or when he fluked a ball they were saying 'Good shot Judd.' They can clap, they can scream his name, but when it's unfortunate incidents I don't really think it's sporting."

Seems that they are not happy with each other!
Trump said he was affected by the way of Robertson playing. "He played his normal speed, he's always quite slow. He did what he had to go, and he got in front. He was a little bit boring in the first couple of frames so I lost a bit of interest.'' "If I had played my best game I would have beaten him easily. So I've got myself to blame really. He has done what he can do with his talent. He has won a lot of tournaments, he's worked hard over the years so he's done well.''

Shaun Murphy will play in his first Masters final too. He defeated John Higgins by 6-4 despite being 3-0 up. The Magician stormed to take the first three frames in 30 minutes with runs of 101 and 86 in the first two, clearance of 69 recovering from 0-62 down in the third frame. Higgins won the fourth frame to drag 1-3 at the interval.

Shaun Murphy
The Wizard of Wishaw pulled another one back right after the interval but Murphy produced 122 to regain two-cushion advantage. The Scotsman made 59 to take the next frame but Murphy fired his third ton in the match, 100 to go 5-3 up. 72 allowed Higgins to hold his stance in the match. Murphy's 55 in the following frame was not enough to win the match, Higgins missed the final pink to drag into a decider. Murphy took this simple pot to win 6-4.

Murphy said: It's not going any easier for me this event! First I beat the local lad (Martin Gould), then the World No 1 (Mark Selby), followed by the World Champion (Higgins) and now I've got a lad who is playing the best snooker of the season (Robertson). He's never lost a major ranking final, although this is an invitational event, but let's hope that changes tomorrow.''


BGC Masters Day 6: NEIL Robertson ended the hopes of Judd Trump 6-3 while SHAUN Murphy fought off a determined fightback from John Higgins to claim a place in the final at Alexandra Palace (Suzy Jardine - Ally Pally, London)

Neil Robertson
The former world champion and Trump, the reigining UK Champion locked horns in a high quality semi final that saw Robertson shoot into a 2-0 lead with a break of 100 after clinching the opening frame.

Trump though, who had displayed fine snooker in ousting Ronnie O;Sullivan soon responded with a break of 76 to reduce his deficit to 2-1 before Robertson re-established his two frame buffer with the help of an 89.

Judd Trump
The Australian hammered home his advantage after the interval as he claimed the fifth and sixth frames to leave himself only one frame from victory. Judd needed everything if he was going to stay in contention.

Too his credit the Bristolian fought his way back to 5-3 with the help of a 95 in eighth frame before Robertson finally snuffed out his revival with a 69 to clinch a place in the final.

Murphy, enjoyed a flying start as he rattled off the the first two frames with breaks of 86 and 101. It amounted to 205 unaswered points, and the second frame break gave Murphy his 222nd century of his professional career.

Shaun Murphy
Higgins though looked favourite to take the third frame when he fired in along red from the baulkline and made 62, on ly to miss a red to the green pocket. To make matters worse the red sat hanging over the lip of the pocket. The world champion was made to pay for his mistake as Murphy rolled in a 69 to steal the frame on the black.

Higgins badly needed the fourth frame if he was to gain some sort of foothold in the match and captured it with a 49 to go to the interval 3-1 down.

Murphy's response on the resumption was emphatic, a 122 to move 4-2 in front. But Higgins once again closed to only one frame behind with a 59 to leave the scores poised at 4-3. The Scotsman looked well set to build a sizeable break in frame eight only to miss a black off its spot. That was bad enough, but cue ball ended up splitting the pack of reds. In prime position Murphy confidently rolled in a 100 clearance to leave himself one frame from victory at 5-3.

John Higgins
But Higgins was in no mood to surrender. He won a safety duel at the beginning of the nonth frame and left in prime position made no mistake in making a 72 to reduce his deficit to one frame at 4-5. Murphy, one up with two to play, but Higgins cueing well. One thing that had been missing from this tournament was deciding frame. Were we to get one here?

The answer was to be no as Higgins overcut a pink to a"blind" corner pocket and left Murphy with an easy starter. Dropping the red in Murphy knocked in a 55 to put himelf close to victory. With five reds left on the table Murphy took a chance on a long red to the corner. He missed and scattered the reds and left John with a chance of a counter attack. 

With the excitement in the arena was mounting as Higgins proceeded to 48 and left himself with a long pink to the yellow pocket. Higgins struck the pink well enough but was to see it rattle in the jaw and shoot across to the greeen pocket and stay out. Murphy strode to the table and tapped in the pink and accepted a warm handshake from the world champion as he claimed a 6-4 victory and with a final showdown with Neil Robertson.

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

BGC Masters 2012 Day 6 - Robertson and Murphy Reached Semi-Finals

BGC Masters Day 6: Two Former World Champions reached their first Masters semi-finals after defeating Mark Williams 6-4 and Mark Selby by 6-2 respectively.

Neil Robertson
The 2010 World Champion had never reached semi-finals of Masters before and he did it today. He had an 3-1 advantage over Williams at the interval, nicking two close frames and a 95 to take the advantage. The Welsh Potting Machine could have level 2-2 all but the miss pot of tricky final yellow to the middle pocket resulted in two frames behind at the mid interval.

The first two frames after mid interval were shared before Williams caught the mistake of Robertson on 26 to make 68, reducing the gap to one frame behind but the Aussie stormed a 119 to go 5-3 up. The Welsh did not give up though, his effort of 78 made it 4-5. Thunder from Down Under no longer offer chances for Williams to level and force a decider, break of 58 helped him to get a 6-4 victory.

Mark Williams
Robertson's was damaged in the match, "My tip is gone and it's going to have to come straight off. It's the worst possible thing that can happen. I just tried to get through the match. It was flaring up all over the shop, I was playing shots and I could see bits over-hanging. I'm going to have to take it off tonight and play a new one in.'' 

He will face Judd Trump in the semis, who beaten him twice last year, "He's beaten me twice but I don't think of revenge or anything like that. Once you start thinking like that you can play all sorts of mind games with yourself. I'm just going to go out there and play. I know how he plays, he's really attacking and it's going to be an open game no matter what. I just have to be efficient during the match, I know if I take my chances I can win.

Shaun Murphy
Meanwhile, Shaun Murphy beaten twice Masters Champion Mark Selby by 6-2 to reach the semi-finals. Selby was recorded to be defeated by twice only in his appearance in Masters, his defeat to Murphy will add to three. Selby took the long opening frame but breaks of 88 and 52 put Murphy winning the next three to lead 3-1 at the interval. 

Murphy was going for a maximum in frame 5 but the break ended after potting nine reds with blacks, 72 which was enough to put him 4-1 up. Selby got a decent chance to pull one back after Murphy making 65 but missing easy final yellow costed him another frame on broad, Murphy led 5-1. Selby aimed to produce a maximum in the following frame but the last red was very tough and he missed, 112. Murphy claimed the eighth frame with 48 to earn the last semi-finals spot in the Masters.

Selby got annoyed with himself
"That's the first time I've seen Mark stamp his feet and get annoyed with himself, which he did in the third or fourth frame. We both wanted to win so badly. I know he was giving his absolute best, but that's sport, you don't get your A game every time and you've got to try and get through that.'' Murphy said. "It's got a great history, a great heritage and it's one of the first tournaments I went to as a young kid. I'm not sure why it hasn't been a good event for me in the past. But new venue, new start.'' He will play John Higgins in the semi-finals.

Friday, 20 January 2012


BGC Masters Day 6: SHAUN Murphy stormed into the semi finals of the Masters with a 6-2 destruction of Mark Selby. (Suzy Jardine - Ally Pally, London)

Shaun Murphy
While Murphy looked in strong form Selby certainly was guilty of some careless mistakes that may well have contributed to his defeat.

But it all began so well for Selby as he rolled in 58, but then came the first of a number of errors as he left a red in the jaws of the corner pocket. Murphy's counter attack broke down on 35 when he missed a red to the baulk corner pocket and it was Selby who clinched the frame to lead 1-0.

Murphy though snatched the second frame on the black after Selby had cleared up from yellow to pink. All he needed was the black to give himself a 2-0 lead. But poor shot selection was to prove his downfall as he left the black sitting just off the top cushion close to the corner pocket. Murphy needed no second invitation.

It set the tone for the rest of the match as Murphy rattled in breaks of 88 and 72 to lead 4-1. The former world champion was in a clinical form. There were no rabbits pulled from the hat by the man who was introduced as The Magician, only formidable snooker as he capitalised on every mistake Selby made.

Murphy too was to lead 5-1, but not before a kick left a red sitting the jaws of the pocket on 65. Selby with a chance to counter had the colours on their spots and set to pinch it. But tragically the frame was settled with a miss on a straightforward yellow and Murphy helped himself to 5-1.

Mark Selby
Selby finally showed glimpses of what has made him into such a feared competitor as he drilled in a long red and proceeded to clear the reds with blacks. Two reds remeained , one firmly glues to the cushion that Selby shifted with a deft little cannon off the black. Tapping the red and following with another black the only issue appeared to be the final red which he had to take to the yellow pocket. To groans of disappointment from the crowd the ball stayed out and the 147 that was available became a 112, and the 1000th century of the current season.

But Murphy was not to be denied as he rolled in a mid length red to make 48, leaving himself showing as 68-0 ahead. Selby needed a snooker, and in vain he looked for one. The issue was settled when Murphy concocted a vicious snooker which placed the cue ball under the baulk cushion behind the yellow, with the green and brown acting as a barrier towards the red which was at the opposite end of the table. 

While Selby escaped from the snooker he could do nothing about the red that ended up in a pottable position for Murphy. Taking it he endured himself a 6-2 victory and mouthwatering semi final with John Higgins.
Semi finals :
Judd Trump v Neil Robertson
John Higgins v Shaun Murphy

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BGC Masters Day 6: NEIL Robertson came through a 3.5 hour battle with Mark Williams 6-4 to move into the last four at Alexandra Palace. (Suzy Jardine - Ally Pally, London)

Neil Robertson
The Australian though was made to fight every inch of the way by a stubborn Williams who had chances to win himself.

For two players, noted for brilliant attacking play the first frame resembled a chess match as both players fought out a tactical battle that went right down to the colours. And it was Williams who made a critical arror when a poor safety shot on the last red left Robertson with a chance. Trailing by 34 points Robertson needed everything to pinch the frame, and with nothing less than great care and attention he knocked in a 35 to steal the frame by one point and lead 1-0.

That frame had taken 40minutes to be resolved. The second, was somewhat different as Williams took six minutes to wrap it up with the help of a 78.

Williams looked certain to take the third frame but it was wrenched away from his grasp after a kick on the final yellow. Suffering the kick was bad enough but then the Welshman could only sit and watch as Robertson clipped in the yellow and cleared up with 27 to move 2-1 in front.

As if that wasn't bad enough for Mark the Australian soon rubbed further salt into Williams's wounds when he drilled in a break of 95 to lead 3-1. Runs of 23 and 38 accounted for the fifth frame to build up a three frame advantage over his fellow left hander.

Mark Williams
Williams badly needed the sixth if he was going to stay in contention and took it. It proved a catalyst for the Welshman who stepped in with a timely 68 to further reduce his deficit to just 3-4 after Robertson missed at close range red and left it sitting over the pocket.

It looked as if Mark was heading for a hat trick of winning frames when he was first in with a 20 in frame nine. But an overcut red to the corner was to put an end to his hopes at levelling at 4-4 as Robertson tapped in the close range red and made a clearance of 119 to move to within one frame of the last four.

Williams though was in no mood to surrender and when Robertson missed from close range with the rest he was waiting to pouce. He knocked in a quickfire 78 to remind Neil that any mistakes would be punished an closed to 4-5. But all of that hard work was undone in the following frame with missed black. It was to prove to be Mark's last shot in the Masters this year as Robertson rattled in a 57 to seal a 6-4 victory and set a semi final with Judd Trump.

BGC Masters 2012 Day 5 - Trump and Higgins Stormed Into Semis

BGC Masters Day 5: The World Champion John Higgins and World Finalist Judd Trump stormed into semi-finals after their wins today.

Judd Trump
First one through was Judd Trump, who beaten Ronnie O'Sullivan by 6-2. The two players clashed on twice this season before this quarter-finals that Trump won them all on deciders. The match today was the big one to watch but it did not go that tight this time.

The Rocket got a decent chance to win the first frame but missing the pot of easy black to drop the frame. From then on, the Bristol 22-year-old was in a fluent flow - a 66 to put him 2-0 up and came from 0-49 behind to take the third frame with 78. Trump took the last frame before mid interval with a total clearance of 140, the highest break of the tournament so far.

The Rocket was not happy with the way he played
The Rocket has not yet scored a frame and he broke the ice in the fifth frame. He won his first frame in the match with a break of 67 but the 'naughty snooker player' won the scrappy sixth frame to go 5-1 up. Nevertheless, The Rocket fired up in the following frame - His flawless total clearance of 141 replaced the 140 from Trump made early in the match to become highest break of the tournament so far. Ronnie made 54 in the next frame, looked like he was going to pull another back. Unfortunately Trump ended Ronnie's comeback with a 65 to win 6-2.

Trump: "I just want to go my own way and do things a little bit different to people in the past, I want my own identity. I don't want to be seen as the next Ronnie O'Sullivan, I want to be seen as Judd Trump, not the person who copied Ronnie O'Sullivan.'' O'Sullivan said: "Judd played a fantastic match, he scored heavily, potted some fantastic balls under pressure and made some good clearances. He performed better than me on the day and deserves his victory.

John Higgins won the all Scottish match against Graeme Dott by 6-3. Higgins made 60 in the opening frame but Dott stole the frame with a 46. He would go 2-0 up but losing position on 47, Higgins cleared up to go 1-1 this time. 

Jan Verhaas tried to clarify with the marks problem 
Here comes the controversial third frame. The referee Jan Verhaas thought that he had miscalculated marks earned by Dott - Higgins left Dott a chance to score after a good safety. Dott was on a break but Jan gave Dott a sign for clarification of marks. Eventually, Dott missed the pot after resuscitation of the break and Higgins took the frame. Jan apologized for his mistake post-match on Twitter. Dott and Higgins went 2-2 at the mid interval.

The Wizard of Wishaw cruised to lead Dott over 5-2 with runs of 109, 75 and 64 before The Pocket Dynamo won the scrappy eighth frame on yellow to clear to pink. Higgins ended the match with a beautiful 89 to win 6-3. 

The Wizard of Wishaw
"The crowds have been great this week, they really understand the game. The venue is more intimate, it's a little more gladiatorial, that's what I like." Higgins said, "You hope to play your way into the tournament. It was decent stuff, but Graeme didn't play anything like the way he can play which was good for me.'' Dott did not blame his defeat on the referee but himself, "I was pathetic, rubbish again. I just never seem to play well in this tournament. I have no idea what is it. I felt as if I was going to pot the balls but my cue ball control was just amateurish.''

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