Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wuxi Classic 2012 Results/Live, Draw & Match Schedule

Wuxi Classic 2012: (25 June - 1 July, Wuxi Stadium, China)

Defending Champion: Mark Selby (Beaten Ali Carter by 9-7 in the final)

Live Streaming:

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Ricky Walden Crowned In China Again


Wildcard Round
Ken Doherty 5-4 Lu Ning
Jamie Burnett 5-3 Jin Long
Michael White 4-5 Zhou Yuelong
Rod Lawler 5-2 Li Hang
Dave Harold 1-5 Rouzi Maimaiti
Fergal O'Brien 5-2 Lu Haotian
Michael Holt 1-5 Zhu Yinghu
Robert Milkins 5-2 Chen Feilong

Last 32
Last 16
Mark Selby 5-2 Barry Hawkins
Mark Selby 5-0 Jamie Cope

Mark Selby
4-5 Stuart Bingham

Stuart Bingham 6-5 Mark Davis

Stuart Bingham 4-10 Ricky Walden
Martin Gould 3-5 Jamie Cope
Stuart Bingham 5-4 Peter Ebdon
Stuart Bingham 5-4 Ken Doherty
Shaun Murphy 1-5 Ken Doherty
Neil Robertson 1-5 Jamie Burnett
Jamie Burnett 3-5 Mark Davis

Mark Davis 5-0 Graeme Dott
Ding Junhui 2-5 Mark Davis
Graeme Dott 5-1 Zhou Yuelong
Graeme Dott 5-4 Rod Lawler
Stephen Maguire 4-5 Rod Lawler
Mark Williams 5-0 Tom Ford
Mark Williams
5-3 Mark Allen

Mark Williams 3-5 Marcus Campbell

Marcus Campbell 1-6 Ricky Walden
Mark Allen 5-1 Rouzi Maimaiti
Ali Carter 3-5 Fergal O'Brien
Fergal O'Brien 2-5 Marcus Campbell
Stephen Lee 1-5 Marcus Campbell
Matthew Stevens w/d w/o Joe Perry
Joe Perry 4-5 Ricky Walden

Ricky Walden
5-3 Robert Milkins
Ricky Walden 5-0 Zhu Yinghu
Andrew Higginson 3-5 Robert Milkins
Robert Milkins 5-3 Judd Trump
Judd Trump 5-1 Dominic Dale

Match Schedule/Order of play:
Note: All matches up to and including quarter-finals are best of 9 frames. Semi-finals are best of 11 and the final is best of 19 (9/10). Only 2 tables will be streamed. 

Monday, June 25 (Day 1)

7.30am: WC2 Jamie Burnett 5-3 Jin Long, WC4 Rod Lawler 5-2 Li Hang, WC5 Dave Harold 1-5 Rouzi Maimaiti

12.30pm: 9 Mark Selby 5-2 Barry Hawkins, WC7 Michael Holt 1-5 Zhu Yinghui, WC6 Fergal O'Brien 5-2 Lu Haotian, WC8 Robert Milkins 5-2 Chen Feilong

Tuesday, June 26 (Day 2)

7.30am: 13 Neil Robertson 1-5 Jamie Burnett, WC1 Ken Doherty 5-4 Lu Ning, 11 Stuart Bingham 5-4 Peter Ebdon, 18 Mark Allen 5-1 Rouzi Maimaiti

12.30pm: 14 Ding Junhui 2-5 Mark Davis, WC3 Michael White 4-5 Zhou Yuelong, 19 Allister Carter 3-5 Fergal O'Brien, 10 Martin Gould 3-5 Jamie Cope

Wednesday, June 27 (Day 3)

7.30am: 17 Mark Williams 5-0 Tom Ford, 12 Shaun Murphy 1-5 Ken Doherty, 22 Ricky Walden 5-0 Zhu Yinghui, 23 Andrew Higginson 3-5 Robert Milkins

12.30pm: 24 Judd Trump 5-1 Dominic Dale, 16 Stephen Maguire 4-5 Rod Lawler, 20 Stephen Lee 1-5 Marcus Campbell, 15 Graeme Dott 5-1 Zhou Yuelong

Thursday, June 28 (Day 4)

7.30am: 32 Robert Milkins 5-3 Judd Trump, 29 Mark Williams 5-3 Mark Allen, 26 Ken Doherty 4-5 Stuart Bingham, 30 Fergal O'Brien 2-5 Marcus Campbell

12.30pm: 25 Mark Selby 5-0 Jamie Cope, 28 Graeme Dott 5-4 Rod Lawler, 27 Jamie Burnett 3-5 Mark Davis, 31 Joe Perry 4-5 Ricky Walden

Friday, June 29 (Day 5)

7.30am: Mark Selby 4-5 Stuart Bingham, Mark Davis 5-0 Graeme Dott

12.30pm: Mark Williams 3-5 Marcus Campbell, Ricky Walden 5-3 Robert Milkins

Saturday, June 30 (Day 6)

7.30am: Stuart Bingham 6-5 Mark Davis

12.30pm: Marcus Campbell 1-6 Ricky Walden

Sunday, July 1 (Day 7)

7.30am: Final - Stuart Bingham 1-7 Ricky Walden (First Session - 9 frames)
*Bingham made a maximum break (147) in the only frame he had won

7.30pm: Final - Stuart Bingham 4-10 Ricky Walden (Second Session - 10 frames)

Congrats to Ricky Walden winning Wuxi Classic 2012!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ronnie O’Sullivan Decided To Take A Break From Snooker

Ronnie O'Sullivan has decided to make good on his desire to take some time off from competitive snooker. He said today:
“I have decided not to enter any tournaments for the time being including this year's Premier League and forthcoming WPBSA ranking events.
“I have not signed the player's contract as I feel the contract is too onerous and am in a stage of my career where I don't wish to make this commitment.
“I still want to play snooker and visit those places around the world such as China where snooker is enthusiastically received and adored.
“I hope to remain involved in the sport in some way in the future.”
The Statement is released on Grove Leisure (his management company). O'Sullivan had just claimed his fourth World Title last month. Well good luck to our dear Ronnie. I understand he should spend some more time with his family but hope it is not the end of his career.