Sunday, 17 April 2011

World Snooker Championship 2011 - Day 1 (Part 2) Victory of Trump over Robertson

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Evening Session

Match 1 - Neil Roberson v Judd Trump

Trump with a big smile after victory :-) Congrats!

Towards the end of Day 1, there is already a winner in the Round 1. And he is 2011 China Open Champion Judd Trump, he beats Neil Robertson 10-8. The defending World Champion lost to Trump from 7-6 up before mid-interval and he was once 9-8 down. However, he is out of the competition now. Trump copes well under great pressure, keeps potting balls in. China Open title must have given Trump a great confident. :-) Robertson makes 3 centuires but he still loses to Haircut 100. The opponent of Trump Round 2 will be Marco Fu/Martin Gould.
The Crucible Curse is still here...

Result: Neil Robertson 8-10 Judd Trump

Match 13 - Shaun Murphy v Marcus Campbell

(left) Campbell & Murphy (right)

No worries for Murphy's fans after the first session because Murphy is 9-0 up on Campbell. Yes he is doing the same thing to Campbell like Carter (8-1 up on Darold) in the afternoon session.  Campbell should avoid to be second whitewashed since 1992 John Parrot 10-0 won in Round 1. Murphy gives some big breaks, 93, 56, 68, 73, 53, 99, 96 along with a century 100 in the third frame to get a terrifc lead. Murphy is ready to pair up with Carter to go for a drink. Murphy needs only one more frame to win! :-) Well done, Shaun!

Match Arrangements on Sunday, April 17 2011 (Day 2)

Match 5 - Ding Junhui v Jamie Burnett
Match 10 - Jamie Cope 4-5 Andrew Pagett*

Match 7 - Stephen Hendry v Joe Perry
Match 13 - Shaun Murphy 9-0 Marcus Campbell*


Match 4 - Ali Carter 8-1 Dave Harold*
Match 5 - Mark Williams 6-3 Ryan Day*
* - Second Session

Ding Junhui and Stephen Hendry will appear in the Crucible on Sunday. Stay tuned! :-)


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