Sunday, 23 October 2011

PTC 8 (Alex Higgins International Trophy) Day 2 - The Darling of Dublin Thrilled Killarney Crowd

The Darling of Dublin Ken Doherty thrilled Killarney crowd on Day 2 of PTC8 (Alex Higgins International Trophy).

The Darling of Dublin delighted his home fans
Doherty won his all three matches today in deciders. Doherty won the first one against Joe Meara with classy century 125 in the decider. Second for Ken was Ali Carter who showed his form early in the match to lead 3-1 with 123. The pressure was on the Irish man but he managed to force a decider with a double respotted black. Somehow decider was very dramatic, Carter snookered himself when he needs a snooker to regain his victory. Ken recovered to beat Carter 4-3 and continued to delight his home fans with a 4-3 win over Rory McLeod in last 32. Well done Ken.

Davis was too unfortunate
First round meeting between Shaun Murphy and Steve Davis was also an exciting match which ended dramatically. Both tried maximum - Murphy ended at 105 but Davis was so unfortunate. Davis led 69-0 ahead of Murphy but 71 from Murphy overtook the frame to lead 3-2. More bad luck came for Davis in the sixth frame, Davis potted the final blue and pink and look alike to pull off a decider but he missed to cut the final black and left it over the pocket. Murphy won 4-2. However The Magician lost to Alan McManus in the last round today.

Fu was unhappy with his performance yesterday
Judd Trump struggled in the morning but played extraordinary well at night. He smashed Marco Fu 4-0 in last 32. Fu only got 10 points in the match while Trump scored 335 out of four frames. Young talent Luca Brecel reached the last round of today before losing 2-4 to Stephen Lee. Yu Delu, Stuart Bingham, Mark Selby and Barry Hawkins are also through to Sunday's last 16.

Results of PTC8 (Alex Higgins International Trophy) Day 2, Saturday October 22

Round 1


33 Judd Trump 4-3 Adam Wicheard
34 Andrew Pagett 3-4 Andrew Norman
35 Marco Fu 4-0 Oliver Brown
36 Michael White 4-1 Matthew Couch
37 Luca Brecel 4-1 Nick Jennings
38 Anthony McGill 4-1 Sean O'Sullivan
39 Stephen Lee 4-0 Zhang Anda
40 Sam Baird 4-0 JP Kelly
43 Alan McManus w/o Robin Hull
44 Dave Harold 4-0 Alex Davies


42 Steve Davis 2-4 Shaun Murphy
45 Rory McLeod 4-2 Kyren Wilson
46 Mark King 4-3 Scott MacKenzie
49 Yu Delu 4-0 Jack Lisowski
50 Andy Hicks 4-2 David Grace
51 Adam Duffy 4-1 Robert Milkins


48 Ali Carter w/o Adrian Gunnell
52 Li Yan 4-1 Jamie O'Neill
53 Ricky Walden 4-1 Julian Logue
64 Mark Selby 4-1 Alfie Burden


41 David Morris 1-4 Sam Harvey
54 Matthew Selt 4-3 Jonathan Williams
56 Stuart Bingham 4-0 Alex Taubman
57 Barry Hawkins 4-1 Craig Steadman


47 Ken Doherty 4-3 Joe Meara
58 Kurt Maflin 4-2 Stuart Carrington
59 Michael Holt 1-4 Stephen Craigie
60 Andrew Higginson w/o Lucky Vatnani


55 Jimmy White 4-2 David Hogan
61 Mark Davis 4-1 Mitchell Mann
62 Jimmy Robertson 4-0 Tian Pengfei
63 Graeme Dott 4-0 Kacper Filipiak

Round 2


81 Judd Trump 4-2 Andrew Norman
82 Marco Fu 4-2 Michael White
83 Luca Brecel 4-2 Anthony McGill
84 Stephen Lee 4-0 Sam Baird
85 Sam Harvey 1-4 Shaun Murphy
86 Alan McManus 4-2 Dave Harold
87 Rory McLeod 4-3 Mark King
88 Ken Doherty 4-3 Ali Carter
89 Yu Delu 4-2 Andy Hicks
90 Adam Duffy 4-3 Li Yan


91 Ricky Walden 4-2 Matthew Selt
92 Jimmy White 1-4 Stuart Bingham
93 Barry Hawkins 4-0 Kurt Maflin
94 Stephen Craigie 0-4 Andrew Higginson
95 Mark Davis 2-4 Jimmy Robertson
96 Graeme Dott 0-4 Mark Selby

Round 3


105 Judd Trump 4-0 Marco Fu
106 Luca Brecel 2-4 Stephen Lee
107 Shaun Murphy 1-4 Alan McManus
108 Rory McLeod 3-4 Ken Doherty
109 Yu Delu 4-2 Adam Duffy
110 Ricky Walden 1-4 Stuart Bingham
111 Barry Hawkins 4-2 Andrew Higginson
112 Jimmy Robertson 3-4 Mark Selby


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