Sunday, 9 October 2011

PTC 7 (Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy) Day 2 - Remember Paul Hunter

We lost Paul Hunter who died due to cancer five years ago - 9/10/2006. Rest in peace Paul and you will never be forgotten.

Paul Hunter and Matthew Stevens
Paul's best friend and pallbearer at his funeral Matthew Stevens won three matches today to enter to last 16. Stevens beaten Cao Yupeng, Mark Joyce and Ben Harrison to keep racing for the PTC 7 title. It will be a very meaningful victory if Stevens wins the title for Paul. Stevens competes with Ali Carter in last 16 on Sunday morning.

Two more Chinese players are returning on Sunday morning for last 16. They are Liang Wenbo and Li Yan. They may meet at quarter-finals if they are both through by beating Shaun Murphy and Jimmy Robertson respectively. Glad to see Liang raised his form before UK qualifiers start in November as he has dropped out top 32. Li keeps giving us surprises by beating big names.

Graeme Dott battled to the last 16 by winning two deciders over Steve Davis and Mark Allen. Dott will face the challenge from Jamie Jones which sent Ricky Walden and Mark Davis earlier today.

Results of PTC7 (Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy) Day 2, Saturday October 8


45 Sam Craigie v Matthew Couch
46 Nigel Bond v Billy Castle
48 James Wattana v Alfie Burden
50 Graeme Dott v Justin Astley
51 Steve Davis v David Grace
53 Ken Doherty v Allan Taylor
55 Jamie Jones v Ian Burns
56 Ricky Walden v Lucky Vatnani

Not before 11am

41 Peter Lines v Jak Jones
42 Tom Ford v Robin Hull
43 Fergal O'Brien v Liang Wenbo
44 Sam Baird v James McGourna
47 Kurt Maflin v Shaun Murphy
49 Mark Allen v Zhang Anda
52 Alan McManus v Peter Ebdon
54 Mark Davis v Matthew Day

Not before 1pm

33 Judd Trump v Ian Glover
34 David Gilbert v Ryan Thomerson
35 Adam Duffy v Gareth Allen
36 Ali Carter v Andrew Norman
37 Yu Delu v Nick Jennings
38 Luca Brecel v Ben Harrison
39 Mark Joyce v Joe Swail
40 Matthew Stevens v Cao Yupeng

Not before 3pm

61 Jimmy Robertson v Paul Davison
62 Jimmy White v Eden Sharav
63 Andy Hicks v Joe Meara
64 Mark Selby v James Brown
57 Dave Harold v Sam Harvey
58 Liam Highfield v David Hogan
59 Li Yan v Brian Morgan
60 Mike Dunn v Adrian Gunnell

Not before 5pm

81 Judd Trump 4-2 David Gilbert
82 Adam Duffy 2-4 Ali Carter
83 Yu Delu 2-4 Ben Harrison
84 Mark Joyce 2-4 Matthew Stevens
85 Jak Jones 4-2 Tom Ford
86 Liang Wenbo 4-2 James McGouran
87 Sam Craigie 1-4 Nigel Bond
88 Shaun Murphy 4-0 Alfie Burden

Not before 7pm

89 Mark Allen 3-4 Graeme Dott
90 Steve Davis 4-2 Peter Ebdon
91 Allan Taylor 0-4 Mark Davis
92 Jamie Jones 4-1 Ricky Walden
93 Dave Harold 4-1 Liam Highfield
94 Li Yan 4-0 Adrian Gunnell
95 Jimmy Robertson 4-2 Jimmy White
96 Andy Hicks 4-0 Mark Selby

Not before 9pm

105 Judd Trump 3-4 Ali Carter
106 Ben Harrison 2-4 Matthew Stevens
107 Jak Jones 1-4 Liang Wenbo
108 Nigel Bond 1-3 Shaun Murphy
109 Graeme Dott 4-3 Steve Davis
110 Mark Davis 3-4 Jamie Jones
111 Dave Harold 1-4 Li Yan
112 Jimmy Robertson 4-2 Andy Hicks


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