Saturday, 8 October 2011

PTC 7 (Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy) Day 1 - The Pink Army

Top players including Ronnie O'Sullivan, John Higgins and Stephen Hendry in pink shirts turned up at South West Snooker Academy for PTC7 (Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy).

The Referees are in pink shirts too :-) 
All the players playing in PTC 7 are wearing pink shirts in aid of a charity to raise money for Breast Cancer Cancer and House Children's Hospice. The event has been named as Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy after Academy Owner Paul Mount's sister Kay Suzanne passed away due to breast cancer. The money raised will be sent to the two charities. Go to donate to Breast Cancer Care or to donate to Haven House Children's Hospice.

Anthony Hamilton defeated the latest PTC winner, Neil Robertson 4-1 in the first round and 4-0 against Dominic Dale before losing 2-4 to Andrew Higginson. Hamilton had an impressive performance in the new season including reaching quarter-finals in Shanghai Masters. Higginson now faces Michael White in last 16 on Sunday.

The Rocket was safely landed
Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stephen Maguire were safely landed last 16 and will play against each other on Sunday morning. Ronnie won 3 matches today with only dropping a frame to Martin Gould in the last match - Ronnie seems to play really well in the PTCs to grab some points. Maguire beaten David Morris in last 32 who surprisingly defeated John Higgins in the previous round. 
Mark Williams lost to Michael Holt in the first round
Stephen Hendry who just dropped out of top 16 had an amazing performance today. Unfortunately he lost to Joe Perry in decider in last 32 despite the fact that he made 123 in the match and also 112 against Stephen Lee previously. Gutted to see Hendry nearly make it to last 16. Amateur Kyren Wilson is the biggest surprise today. Wilson defeated Michael Holt who won 4-2 over Mark Williams earlier the day, Ben Wollaston and Tian Pengfei to reach the last 16. Perry and Wilson will meet in last 16 on Sunday.

PTC 7 (Kay Suzanne Memorial Trohpy) Day 1 Results, Friday October 7


9 Mark King 4-2 Ian McCulloch
10 Anthony McGill 1-4 Patrick Wallace
11 Jamie Burnett 3-4 Duane Jones
12 Ryan Day 4-3 Daniel Wells
17 Dominic Dale 4-0 Kacper Filipiak
18 Neil Robertson 1-4 Anthony Hamilton
19 Andrew Higginson 4-1 Marco Fu
20 Tony Drago 4-2 Scott MacKenzie

Not before 11am

5 Stephen Maguire 4-1 Liam Monk
6 Barry Hawkins 4-1 Stuart Carrington
7 David Morris 4-2 Liu Song
8 John Higgins 4-2 John Sutton
13 Marcus Campbell 3-4 Liu Chuang
14 Stuart Bingham 4-0 Barry Pinches
15 Dechawat Poomjaeng 4-3 Ashley Wright
16 Rory McLeod 4-0 Mitchell Mann

Not before 1pm

1 Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-0 Jordan Winbourne
2 Xiao Guodong 3-4 Aditya Mehta
3 Craig Steadman 4-0 Chris Norbury
4 Martin Gould 4-3 Rod Lawler
29 Matthew Selt 1-4 Jack Lisowski
30 Michael Holt 4-2 Mark Williams
31 Ben Woollaston 1-4 Kyren Wilson
32 Joe Jogia 2-4 Tian Pengfei

Not before 3pm

21 Andrew Pagett 4-1 Alex Taubman
22 Michael White 4-2 Martin O'Donnell
23 Robert Milkins 4-3 Michael Wasley
24 Passakorn Suwannawat 1-4 Gerard Greene
25 Stephen Hendry 4-2 David Gray
26 Stephen Lee 4-2 Gary Wilson
27 Jamie Cope 3-4 Joe Delaney
28 Joe Perry 4-1 Adam Wicheard

Not before 5pm

65 Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-0 Aditya Mehta
66 Craig Steadman 1-4 Martin Gould
67 Stephen Maguire 4-2 Barry Hawkins
68 David Morris 4-2 John Higgins
69 Mark King 4-3 Patrick Wallace
70 Duane Jones 3-4 Ryan Day
73 Dominic Dale 0-4 Anthony Hamilton
74 Andrew Higginson 4-1 Tony Drago

Not before 7pm

71 Liu Chuang 4-3 Stuart Bingham
72 Dechewat Poomjaeng 1-4 Rory McLeod
75 Andrew Pagett 2-4 Michael White
76 Robert Milkins 1-4 Gerard Greene
77 Stephen Hendry 4-0 Stephen Lee
78 Joe Delaney 1-4 Joe Perry
79 Jack Lisowski 2-4 Michael Holt
80 Kyren Wilson 4-0 Tian Pengfei

Not before 9pm

97 Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-1 Martin Gould
98 Stephen Maguire 4-1 David Morris
99 Mark King 4-0 Ryan Day
100 Liu Chuang 4-0 Rory McLeod
101 Anthony Hamilton 2-4 Andrew Higginson
102 Michael White 4-0 Gerard Greene
103 Stephen Hendry 3-4 Joe Perry
104 Michael Holt 1-4 Kyren Wilson


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