Monday, 2 May 2011

World Snooker Championship 2011 - Day 16 - Trump in front of Higgins

1.5.2011 Day 16
First Day for our Final - John Higgins v Judd Trump :-)

Afternoon Session

Final - John Higgins v Judd Trump (First session)

Handshake before The Final starts....

They have a nervy start for the Final but Trump takes the opening frame. :-) Trump wins the second with 39, 2-0. Higgins pulls one back, 1-2 down. Trump stopped at 54 in the fourth frame, Higgins steals the frame to level 2-2 before mid session.

Higgins wins the fifth time with 64,51 and leads in the first time, 3-2. 102 by Trump helps him to level the match 3-3. Trump tries maximum in the seventh frame, but he missed at 64. Higgins steals another frame from Trump to lead 4-3 again.... Trump wins the last frame of the session with a fluked red, all squared 4-4 after first session.

A very close and awesome session :-) But Trump is carless to be stolen two frames which he deserved to get...

Final - John Higgins v Judd Trump (Second Session)

4-4 before it kicks off. Higgins takes the opening frame of the session with 60 before Trump levels 5-5. Higgins makes 45 but Trump wins the 11th frame with 30,32. In the last frame before mid session, Trump hits another century 102 to lead Higgins 7-5.

After mid session, Higgins pulls two back to level 7-7. There are no great breaks after 14th frame but Trump gets three in a row with 45, 48, 49.  In Frame 16, Higgins is not in a good mood and conceded the frame with enough points on the table. Higgins is warned by Ref. Jan Verhaas and fined £250. 

Judd Trump leads John Higgins 10-7, holding three frames advantage before third session starts.  Higgins has chances to win more frames in this session but he does not catch them. Higgins does not find his form and he needs it tomorrow....

Tomorrow is our last day of the World Snooker Championship 2011. Who will become 2011 World Champion?

Match Schedule for Day 17,  Monday May 2

Final - John Higgins v Judd Trump Third Session  (Trump leads 10-7)

Final - John Higgins v Judd Trump Last Session  

Final Scores are updated in Drawsheet...


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