Tuesday, 8 May 2012

World Championship - Ronnie O'Sullivan Seals Fourth World Title

World Snooker Championship Final Day: Ronnie O'Sullivan seals his fourth world title by beating Ali Carter 18-11 in the final. Congratulations!

Ronnie O'Sullivan seals fourth world title with his son Ronnie Junior (right)
O'Sullivan led Ali Carter by 10-7 overnight and he had a blinking start in the third session as well. The Rocket blasted to take all four frames before mid interval to lead Ali Carter by 14-7. We were thinking if there would be night session as Ronnie only needed four more to lift up the trophy.

The Captain finally won his first frame in the third session during frame 22. He added another two frames on the scoreboard with breaks of 105 and 53, looked forward to take another frame at the end of third session to reduce the deficit. Notwithstanding Carter tried hard, O'Sullivan won the last frame with efforts of 64 and 55 to go 15-10 ahead. He just required three more frames in the last session to crown.

Ronnie O'Sullivan
First frame of the night session went to Ronnie's hand before Carter put up a fight in the next to trail 11-16. Carter would love to drag the match into mid interval but The Rocket won the other two frames required to seal his fourth World Title. Ronnie Junior and Ronnie's mother Maria were delighted, joining the celebrations. 

Ronnie O'Sullivan replaces John Higgins to become the oldest player to win the World Championship, at age of 36 and five months. He now shares the same number of World Title (four) and 24 ranking titles with John Higgins. The Rocket has beaten three World Champions (Ebdon, Williams, Robertson) and two World Finalists (Stevens, Carter) on the road to conquer the Crucible for the fourth time.

Ronnie held his son tightly through out the whole prize ceremony, he said: "I didn't think I'd ever get the opportunity to share a moment like this with my son Ronnie so it's so nice to have him here. He loves snooker, I've tried to turn him off it but he's having none of it. I got a bit emotional even before the match was over because I felt it was just me and him in the whole arena. It's the best feeling I've ever had in my life.'' 

O'Sullivan: It's the best feeling I've ever had in my life
He also thanked Dr. Steve Peters for helping him along the way, ''we're fortunate to be able to play this game, so it's allowed me to be happy in my life and enjoy the game as well. I'm not a better player, I'm just giving myself more of a chance I suppose.'' 

Being asked about if he would retire after the massive victory, "I've had a long time to think about everything I've done. I'm not saying I have retired but what I am saying is that my family has become the most important thing in my life. I've made plans, but I'm making no knee-jerk reactions, I'm taking a few months off and I'll assess the situation. I know there's a big responsibility for me to promote the game and I think I do do that, and if I could play in every tournament I would but it's hard sometimes.''

The runner-up Carter said: "I'm just disappointed to lose. I didn't feel like I played well in the final, Ronnie put me under all kinds of pressure out there, his safety was unbelievable, even his break offs had me in trouble every time. I was pleased I did compete and I'll be back next year. Ronnie played the better snooker so he's going to get the luck, but the better man won. He's a genius and it's the Ronnie O'Sullivan show.''

Carter: I'm just disappointed to lose
First of all congratulations to Ronnie. He played a great tournament with consistency in the past 17 days. I am happy to see him having better mentality compared to his last two appearances at the Crucible. He has got the right mind after winning the German Masters in February. I hope that he can keep this to play on the next year.

Although Carter lost to O'Sullivan again in the final after 2008, his journey to get to the final is good enough for the man who has been struggling with Crohn's disease in the past 12 months. The moment that he beaten Judd Trump 13-12 from 9-12 down was huge. It was completely out of my expectation, indeed in a good way. Carter lost his top 16 place despite reaching the final, I truly believe he will get back into the elites very soon.

World Snooker Championship 2012 Results


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