Thursday, 1 December 2011

PTC 10 Day 3 - Michael Holt Triumphed to win PTC10

Michael Holt is the winner of PTC 10 by beating Dominic Dale in the final by 4-2. It is Holt's second PTC title after EPTC6 last season.

Michael Holt won PTC10
The Hitman beaten Mark Selby in decider from 2-3 behind and John Higgins by 4-2 in semi-final, the same scoreline that he defeated Higgins in the EPTC6 final last season to win that title. Holt took an 2-0 advantage over Dominic Dale, the runner-up of the event before Dale trailed 2-3. Eventually Holt compiled his second PTC titles with 44 to win 4-2.

Attitude problems affected Holt
"I'm never far away from being very good or very bad, my attitude has been terrible recently but it was a lot better here. Maybe the shorter matches suit me because there's not enough time to lose my head.'' Hold said. "I'm good enough to do well in any event but my attitude has stunk at times. I haven't achieved what I should have done - I've been in the top 32 but that's not what I turned pro for.''

Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee missed the chance of getting into the final of PTC events again, he lost to Dale by 2-4 in the semi-finals. He is doing fine in the PTCs but unfortunately not yet win a title this season. So did Liang Wenbo. He must be gutted to lose in the quarter-finals, including a frame that he should haven't lost. Otherwise he could be one into later stage of the event.

This is the last PTC before UK Championship which will be held starting from this Saturday. The next PTC will be PTC11, which runs from 17-19 December in Sheffield.

Results of PTC10, Day 3 Wednesday November 30


154 Neil Robertson 3-4 John Higgins Round 6
155 Rory McLeod 1-4 Joe Perry Round 6
156 Chris Norbury 3-4 Jamie Cope Round 6
157 Ben Woollaston 1-4 Michael Holt Round 6
158 Dave Harold 4-2 David Grace Round 6
159 Graeme Dott 3-4 Stephen Lee Round 6
160 Ricky Walden 2-4 Dominic Dale Round 6
161 Liang Wenbo 4-3 Ken Doherty Round 6

Not before 1pm

162 John Higgins 4-3 Joe Perry Quarter Finals
163 Jamie Cope 0-4 Michael Holt Quarter Finals
164 Dave Harold 1-4 Stephen Lee Quarter Finals
165 Dominic Dale 4-3 Liang Wenbo Quarter Finals

Not before 4pm

166 John Higgins 2-4 Michael Holt Semi Finals
167 Stephen Lee 2-4 Dominic Dale Semi Finals

Not before 7pm

168 Michael Holt 4-2 Dominic Dale Final


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