Monday, 23 April 2012

World Championship - Cao Yupeng Upset Mark Allen

World Snooker Championship Day 2: 21-year-old Crucible Debutant Cao Yupeng upset Mark Allen to reach the second round.

Mark Allen is defeated by Mark Allen in a dramatic way
The World Number 81 led Allen by 5-4 overnight before the final session kicked off today. The youngster took the opening two frames of the session, including a break of 108 his first century at the Crucible to go 7-4 ahead. Allen pulled one back before Cao made his second century 113 and scoring another frame to get the match point 9-5. The Northern Irish showed his fighting spirit in frame 15 with 101. 

Looking very likely to stay in the match having clearing from blue to black, after Allen potted the black he was about to leave the arena, thinking he was ready to start a real battle. However, the cueball went off in seconds and he lost the frame and the match. He handed the victory to the Chinese.

After his defeat, the Haikou World Open Champion accuse Cao Yupeng cheating in frame 9. He said: “The big turning point was at 5-4 when he was in the balls and Paul Collier, the referee, missed a blatant push. It was quite obvious to me and anyone watching at home would have been able to see it no problem. If the referee rightfully called a foul there I’d have had a good chance of going to 5-5 and the match would have been different. But he went on to pull away to 7-4. That was massive.''

Allen went on, “It seems to be a bit of a trait for the Chinese players because they’re have been a few instances in the past of fouls and blatant cheating going on. It needs to be corrected. He’s a good enough player and doesn’t have to do that. I was pretty confident at the time it was a foul and Terry (Griffiths - commentator on TV)  pretty much confirmed it to me at the interval.''

''It's very sad the state of snooker if it has to go down to that, but it's not the first time. Marco Fu and Liang Wenbo have been known for it in the past so maybe it’s just the Chinese players.” 

I am very disappointed with Allen's behaviour towards the Chinese players. I understand that defeat is terrible to him but there is no reason to brand the other Chinese players for using certain 'tactics' to earn wins. This disrespect is discrediting the sport and sportsmanship. The 'push' shot that Allen claimed to be foul, Allen should approach the referee right away. He should not put the blame on others.

David Gilbert & Martin Gould
David Gilbert scored a 10-8 victory over Martin Gould despite Gould pulling three frames from 5-9 down to 8-9 with back-to-back centuries. Gilbert kept calm in frame 18 to make 54 for winning the match. He reached the last 16 at the Crucible for the first time and he is playing Neil Robertson next, who beaten Ken Doherty by 10-4. 

Gilbert said, ""It's a massive relief, at 9-5 I just wanted the match over as quickly as possible and Martin just started to play brilliantly. I felt fine yesterday, I had no great expectations I knew that if I played alright I could compete. I started well and just carried it on. It was a bit of a struggle today but it has to be expected, I'm not used to playing here but now I've got over the line I feel great." 

Stephen Hendry, who knocked a maximum yesterday beaten Stuart Bingham by the same scoreline 10-4 to meet John Higgins in the next round. Stephen Maguire holds 6-3 advantage on 17-year-old Belgian Luca Brecel after wrapping today's session. 2005 World Championship leads Jamie Jones by 5-4, their play resume tomorrow as well.

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