Sunday, 25 September 2011

PTC5 Day 4 - Higgins and Robertson Proceeded to Last 16

Finally we have a few Top 16 memebers proceeded today to the Last 16 of PTC5 in Sheffield.

Neil Robertson
Neil Robertson had a great day today after his victory over Ding Junhui on Thursday night on the week 3 of Premier League. Robertson started off the day with whitewashing Eden Sharv before facing the real challenge from Aditya Metha. Metha beaten Ali Carter 4-0 to set up a meeting with Robertson.  Metha threatened Robertson on his way to last 32 and Robertson eventually saw him off in the decider. Robertson defeated Scott Mackenzie 4-2 to proceed. Robertson is facing the Chinese Boy Li Yan who saw off Judd Trump 4-1 in last 16.

John Higgins v Ryan Day on Sunday morning
Higgins had an easy to win and made last 16 by three comfortable wins, 4-0 over David Grace in first round, 4-2 over Michael Wasley in the second and his fellow countryman Alan McManus 4-1 in the last 32. Higgins will have an interesting clash with Ryan Day in last 16, who beaten Kyren Wilison and Kurt Maflin previously.

Michael White on PTC4 in Germany
Legends Steve Davis and Jimmy White both could not go further to last 16. They were stopped by Michael Holt and Martin Gould respectively. Michael White and Barry Hawkins were last two men who are through at about 2am. M. White had an impressive victory over Shaun Murphy on the last PTC4 in Germany. Hope he will continue his good run on Sunday.

Last 16 line-up:
Jack Lisowski v David Gilbert
Jamie Burnett v Anthony Hamilton
Joe Perry v Dave Harold
Ian Mcculloch v Andrew Higginson
Li Yan v Neil Robertson
John Higgins v Ryan Day
Michael White v Barry Hawkins
Martin Gould v Michael Holt

Results of PTC5, Saturday September 24

Round one


33. Judd Trump 4-2 Marco Fu
34. Mark King 4-1 Adrian Gunnell
35. Tony Drago 1-4 Liu Chuang
36. Li Yan 4-0 Kacper Filipiak
45. Mark Allen 4-3 Tian Pengfei
46. Rory McLeod 2-4 Rod Lawler
47. Matthew Stevens 1-4 Kyren Wilson
48. Ryan Day 4-0 Kurt Maflin

Not before 11am

37. Craig Steadman 2-4 Scott MacKenzie
38. Dominic Dale 3-4 Joe Swail
39. Ali Carter 0-4 Aditya Mehta
40. Neil Robertson 4-0 Eden Sharav
49. Michael White 4-3 John Sutton
50. Anthony McGill 4-1 James McGouran
51. Dechewat Poomjaeng 4-3 Daniel Wells
52. Sam Baird 4-3 Zhang Anda

Not before 1pm

41. John Higgins 4-0 David Grace
42. Ken Doherty 2-4 Michael Wasley
43. Liam Highfield 3-4 Mitchell Travis
44. Alan McManus 4-2 Alfie Burden
57. Jimmy White 4-2 Andrew Pagett
58. Jamie Jones 2-4 Matthew Couch
59. Luca Brecel 4-1 Mitchell Mann
60. Martin Gould 4-2 Ashley Wright

Not before 3pm

53. Fergal O'Brien 4-1 Allan Taylor
54. Stuart Bingham 4-0 Stuart Carrington
55. Barry Hawkins 4-1 Douglas Hogan
56. Matthew Selt 3-4 Liang Wenbo
61. Steve Davis 4-1 Sean O'Sullivan
62. Adam Duffy 4-3 David Morris
63. Michael Holt 4-1 Christopher Keogan
64. Mark Selby 2-4 Rob Milkins

Not before 5pm

Round two

81. Judd Trump 4-1 Mark King
82. Liu Chuang 3-4 Li Yan
83. Scott MacKenzie 4-1 Joe Swail
84. Aditya Mehta 3-4 Neil Robertson
85. John Higgins 4-2 Michael Wasley
86. Mitchell Travis 0-4 Alan McManus
87. Mark Allen 2-4 Rod Lawler 
88. Kyren Wilson 1-4 Ryan Day

Not before 7pm

89. Michael White 4-2 Anthony McGill
90. Dechawat Poomjaeng 4-2 Sam Baird
91. Fergal O'Brien 1-4 Stuart Bingham
92. Barry Hawkins 4-2 Liang Wenbo
93. Jimmy White 4-3 Matt Couch
94. Luca Brecel 1-4 Martin Gould
95. Steve Davis 4-0 Adam Duffy
96. Michael Holt 4-2 Robert Milkins

Not before 9pm

Round three

105. Judd Trump 1-4 Li Yan
106. Scott Mackenzie 2-4 Neil Robertson
107. John Higgins 4-1 Alan McManus
108. Rod Lawler 0-4 Ryan Day
109. Michael White 4-1 Dechawat Poomjaeng
110. Stuart Bingham 3-4 Barry Hawkins
111. Jimmy White 0-4 Martin Gould
112. Steve Davis 1-4 Michael Holt


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