Monday, 22 August 2011

PTC3 2011/2012 Day 3 - Ben Woollaston Won PTC3

World Number 60 Ben Wollaston took his first ranking title at PTC3 by winning over 2006 World Champion Graeme Dott 4-2 in the final.

Ben Wollaston surprised Graeme Dott
Wollaston also beaten Ken Doherty, Andrew Higginsion, Alan McManus on his road to triumph. He was a former European Under-19 Champion and his best finish in ranking events was qualifying for the Last 32 in Welsh Open 2007 before winning this title PTC3.

"I think this shows the strength in depth on the Tour, no result surprises me these days," said Woollaston after collecting a cheque for £10,000 and receiving 2,000 ranking points. 

Provisional ranking of Ben is now raised to 57. "Hopefully I am starting to fulfil my potential now. I'm guaranteed to be in the PTC finals now and my target for the season is to get into the top 48 and qualify for a few venues.''  

Ben and Tatiana on their wedding
Leicester's Wollaston married 24-year-old Belarus female Referee, Tatiana in June. And Tatiana is moving to England tomorrow. Ben said, "I wanted to win it for her. We've not had a honeymoon yet so the money will help with that."    

Don't forget the runner-up Graeme Dott. Despite his poor performance in the final, he was on fire yesterday including beaten John Higgins in the Last 16.

Scotland's Anothny McGill reached semis before losing to eventual winner Wollaston 0-4. Stephen Lee won 4-1 over Stephen Maguire before he lost to McGill.

Full Results of PTC3 Day 3, 21-8-2011

Last 16
Ben Woollaston 4-0 Ken Doherty
Alan McManus 4-1 Joe Jogia
Anthony McGill 4-1 Michael Holt
Stephen Lee 4-1 Stephen Maguire
Marcus Campbell 4-2 Mark Selby
Barry Hawkins 4-1 Xiao Guodong
Jamie Jones 4-3 Matthew Selt
Graeme Dott 4-2 John Higgins

Ben Woollaston 4-3 Alan McManus
Anthony McGill 4-2 Stephen Lee
Marcus Campbell 0-4 Barry Hawkins
Jamie Jones 0-4 Graeme Dott

Ben Woollaston 4-0 Anthony McGill
Barry Hawkins 1-4 Graeme Dott

Graeme Dott 2-4 Ben Woollaston   


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